Antigone Unearthed

"...and the cast members (notably Jessie Komitor) are dedicated."  


                      - Kara Jaworowski   The New York Times

“ For me the most affecting scene was an early one between Haemon (Jessie Komitor, in my favorite performance) and Antigone...”


              - Olivia Jane Smith, New York Theater Review

Blood Privilege

​"The Richmond Shepard Theater production is a showcase for lead actress Jessie Komitor, who handles her role as the doomed Countess with deft skill.  She commands the stage in each scene in which she appears."

                                                  - Karin Crighton

"You guys are gonna crack up at this...Make sure you check out [The Discipline Committee's] other videos too, especially [if you're] someone that likes laughing."

               -Gena Kaufman,

"The sketch group The Discipline Committee put out this sketch that pretty much sums up the politics of paying for a date. What's a liberal-minded male to do? Obviously, the only answer is to stick to the script."


        -Ross Luippold, The Huffington Post


"We’re big fans of the Discipline Committee, who brought us “The Ira Glass Sex Tape” and “No Hetero.” Now... their merry band skewer one of the most awkward elements of a first date: paying for dinner."


Check Script 

"Q Train Connection"

"The Greatest meet-cute missed-connection subway tap dance ever! Jessie Komitor just sent us this video, "Q Train Connection." Komitor is an actress, dancer and choreographer, and we also suspect mind reader since the video is suspiciously close to the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers–inspired subway daydreams we have. Get out of our heads, Komitor!"


              -Jonathan Shanon,  Time Out New York

"If you love watching dance performances, utilizing the NYC subway system, and/or adorable people, the following video is for you. "Q Train Connection," choreographed and performed by Jessie Komitor and Max Bisantz, tells the all-too familiar tale of people watching and romantically dreaming on any given metro system. This time, though, the fantasy gets fancy footwork with a full-on tap-dance show that we wish we could do at the drop of a hat (or beat). Below: Watch, shuffle, fa-lap, and twirl your way to a dreamier afternoon. Then repeat on your commute home."


               -Annie Georgia Greenberg,  Refinery 29

"Actress and dancer, Jessie Komitor, has choreographed this adorable tap routine with her co-star, Max Bisantz about missed connections on NYC subways. If you’ve never fallen in love on a train, this will surely have you daydreaming about it."


-Chrissa Hardy, Hello Giggles (Zooey Deschanel's blog)

- Zooey Deschanel's official Facebook Page

"The female-driven comedy you're about to be obsessed with"

                                                           -Marie Claire

"A smart self aware comedy where Komitor's spot on portrayals are uncomfortably accurate"

                                               -The Huffington Post

"Watch the hilarity unfold"

                                           -Entertainment Weekly

"If HONY is real life, PONY is its Christopher Guest film."

                                                    -Bourbon & Gloss

"You'll LOVE People of New York"


"...artfully skewers the different facets of the city"

                                                                 -Metro NY

People Of New York